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The Rules of Sabrous

While in Sabrous we are fairly lenient, We do have some rules. Please take time to read them.
Come on guys, THERE'S ONLY TEN!


Despite the fact that yes, this is indeed just a game, there are some rules of conduct that all players must abide by. Of course, a few of these rules may be bent and even broken given the proper circumstances. IE, telling dirty jokes is okay. However, calling someone a derogatory sexual/racial term in a harmful manner is not.

1- Respect Other Players
This applies to all players, mortal and immortal. If someone is being perfectly reasonable, you have no reason to treat them disdainfully. If you would like someone to do something, ask it politely. If someone refuses to listen, put them on your ignore list (IGNORE is the command) and contact an immortal. Disrespectful behavior includes spamming socials, spamming channels, spamming profanity, following a player, killing a player for no reason at all, harassing players to do a particular thing they don't want to do, etc. Just don't do it.

2- Treat new players kindly
We are all here to have fun- greet new players with kindness. Help them out and show them around. If they seem to be bending rules, tell them NICELY what our rules are. Answer their questions to the best of your ability. HOWEVER: NEW PLAYERS! You must also treat the others WITH RESPECT. If they offer you advice, you should take it. If you don't like how someone is acting, type IGNORE [name]. Do NOT go around acting like royalty just because you're new.

3- Don't kill someone without permission
This goes for stealing too. If your character is a roleplay killer, you still need to get permission to murder someone! If you are caught repeatedly killing players (or even one player over and over) you will be warned. If the actions continue, you may be banned temporarily. This applies to theft as well, including theft from lockers. We've never had a problem with this, so don't MAKE it a problem.

4- Please speak in English!
This doesn't really apply to roleplay.
L33t sp33k will be frowned upon. The same goes for using net abbreviations such as 'u' '2' '4' 'ur' etc. It is fine to use a few such as 'lol' 'rofl' 'omg' and the ilk, but use them sparsely. While some emoticons are fine (XD :D D: :< XO etc) they should be used sparingly. If English is not your first language, just do your best!

5- Report Bugged Mobs/Weapons.
If you find a sword doing 5493999 damage at level 3, CALL AN IMMORTAL. Likewise, if a mob has wandered into a town and is slaughtering everyone, you should ask for help! Bugged items and mobs found will be rewarded. If you are caught EXPLOITING a bug that you discovered, you may be banned for life. It is your agreement that in playing the game you report bugged items and monsters to the staff.

What is botting? Botting is when you have your character programmed to take action automatically, without you being present at the keyboard. It is SEVERELY frowned upon. If we discover you have programmed your character to be an automatic killing machine without your ever having to be present at the computer, we will boot you. Small programs like eating when you are hungry automatically are fine. The rule of thumb here is this- if you can get up from your computer and go to a movie while your character remains connected and leveling, you are botting.

7- Multiplay conservatively!
What is multiplaying? It means that you have more than one character logged on at a time. The short of this is - yes, you can have as many characters as you like and yes two or more can be logged on at the same time. HOWEVER, if you are caught using your characters in one large group or using your cleric to boost your warrior back from a stun, it is ILLEGAL and you will be dealt with. As long as you can roleplay each and every one of these characters and DO roleplay them, we will not object. And by roleplay I mean with other players- NOT just yourself. USE the chat channel. If your level 25 cleric is sitting in the square and your level 4 thief goes to them to be healed rather than the training grounds healer, THIS IS OKAY. However your cleric MAY NOT follow your level 4 thief buffing them. Any questions on this should be referred to an immortal. WHEN IN DOUBT, LOG ONE OUT!

8- All ROLEPLAY should be PG13-quality with the rare R.
This should be very clear. While Sabrous has many players over 18, we also have many players *under* 18. You are NOT EVER to use Sabrous for erotic roleplay. Your characters can roleplay having significant others or even roleplay that they're promiscuous, but you must never ACTUALLY ROLEPLAY the intimate acts. You may make joking references, but as far as actual dating/lover/marriage/etc roleplay, keep it PG13. Does this mean you can't play out your super gory injury? No, because this rule doesn't apply to gory RP. However, if you're going to roleplay your massive fight/wound etc, you MUST observe the respect rule! If someone says to tone it down, you should!

9- What's illegal outside is illegal inside
Sabrous is run out of the pocket of the immortals, for the players. As a result, Sabrous really doesn't have the cash for any trouble. So if it's illegal, don't do it. If you're about to do something illegal in reality, don't come online to TELL US about it. If you're under 13, please have your parents permission to play (as our language can be harsh). Posting pornography, warez, etc is forbidden. You will not be warned if you are caught doing this, you will simply be banned. You can appeal your ban later via email after a period of 1 week. If you have been banned due to this, the email to appeal to is Z AT DEMON-SUSHI DOT com.

10- have fun!
Anyone found not having fun will be fed to a shark. :V