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Races of Sabrous
Races of Sabrous
Shaerkian | Cythid | Layrith | Human | Sabrecat
Chuian | Inhuman | Myche | Nikitak | Razordemon
Lizardman | Cypher | Muti | Amph | Gith

An aquatic race hailing from the Cloud and Coral seas, Shaerkians resemble sharks in their build and appearance. Their smooth hairless bodies are rough to touch, and usually of quite stocky build. They have a shark-like tail and both hands and feet are tridactyl with webbing between the digits. From their forearms are large fins. On the top of their heads, Shaerkians have one dorsal fin. There is sometimes a second, larger fin further down the back. They can breathe water.

A carnivorous race, they are very hardy and quick to recover...But their webbed clumsy hands make them the antithesis of dexterity, and their rows upon rows of sharp teeth often cause people to be rather frightened of them. Because of their tendency to enjoy eating living things, they are slightly evil. Out of water, they dehydrate quickly.

They gain experience slowly (91%), but due to their amazing strength and ability to recover, it all evens out in the end. They can be Mages, Gaki, Druids, Rangers, Monks and Spies.

Once a shy, withdrawn forest-dwelling race, Cythids have now become one of the better known races which live in the South of Sabrous. Mostly human in appearance, they have long tapered ears with a scaled interior and extremely large tridactyl clawed hands. These claws are usually adorned with tattoos and runes which relate to the Cythid's occupation and family history. They also have two large, fluffy tails- but don't let them know you're aware of that. The tails are a source of embarrassment for Cythids and they go to great lengths to hide them inside baggy clothing. Their hair is usually fairly light in colour, and their skin grey or blueish in colour. They tend to be suspicious of most other races but get along moderately well...except with their hated cousins, the Layrith.

Cythids take a penalty to dexterity for their oversized claws, but are hardy and attractive with a slightly above-average intelligence. They are approximately the same height as a human, and are neutral. Because of their long time living in the forests surrounding Valburg, they are abnormally perceptive and all are capable of scrying.

They gain XP at a slightly elevated rate (105%). They can be Clerics, Warriors, Druids, Monks or Paladins.

The 'bad siblings' of Cythids, Layrith look nothing like their cousins. With a slightly tapered snout, large bat-like ears, hairless tails and small quadra-dactyl hands and feet, they stand upon double-bent legs and sport a mouthful of sharp teeth. Their bodies are mostly hairless except for the top of their heads, where the hair is usually a shade of slightly off-white. Their eyes lack any iris or pupil, and are one solid colour. Along their spines are a series of thin, sharp barbs which contain a poison. Someone scratched by one of these barbs will have to take an antitoxin for the rest of their life.

Fairly quick, fairly hardy and fairly dexterous, Layrith are excellent at picking pockets and fending off those who catch them at it. They are, however, not particularly attractive. A bit taller than their Cythid cousins, they are lighter built. They have a natural resistance to poison from their own barbs. Wicked to a fault, however, they are naturally of evil alignment.

The Layrith race was created by Erin Garcia. :3

Layrith gain XP at the normal rate (100%). They can be Mages, Thieves, Warriors, Gaki, Augurers and Spies.

One of the oldest races of Sabrous, Humans have a checkered past. Though some races seem instinctively leery towards them, others seem to not give them so much as a second thought. As with the humans of the real world, they look as you do- normal, for the most part. They seem to have some sort of link to the far Northlands, but little is known of this. They also seem to have some sort of relationship to the Inhumans, but nothing is known of this either.

Average in every aspect- the Human is the standard to which all other races are compared for their weaknesses or strengths. Humans aren't special, but they aren't frail. Neutral in alignment, they are free to do as they please.

Humans have an XP gain of normal rate (100%). They can be Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Warriors or Rangers.

A happy-go-lucky mammalian race, Sabrecats live in the central desert. Buff and tall, they are fairly brawny. With a humanoid build and a fairly humanoid face, their bodies are covered in a short fur coat. They have large felinoid ears, which has likely earned them their name. Their hands are tridactyl paws, as are their feet. They do not, however, have tails- it is considered a mortal insult to accuse a Sabrecat of having a tail, in fact. Conventionally their fur and hair colours are dusky earthtones.

Strong and resilient, Sabrecats are not all that dexterous- nor are they all that intelligent. Their hearts guide them much more than their minds. They are fairly large in size, however, and while they are susceptible to cold for all their desert lifestyle, they are naturally resistant to fire or slashing weapons. They are also born with a form of night vision (infrared) and the ability to sense magic. They are of Neutral alignment.

Sabrecats gain XP at a normal rate (100%). They can be Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Warriors, Rangers, Augurers and Paladins.

Chuians, the diplomats of Sabrous. Despite their naturally cynical sense of humor, Chuians tend to get along well with just about every race in existence, including the evil ones. It is rumored that this is because they are too small to make a decent meal, but nobody knows for certain. Small and mouse like, Chuians have tapered hairless ears. The rest of their bodies are covered in bristle-like fur, except for their hairless tails. The tip of the tails have a large tuft of soft fur, however. They walk on double-bent legs, and their hands are tridactyl. Their tiny, soft bodies however, make them almost irresistibly cute. Sugar-eyes from a Chuian has been reputed as a more deadly attack than from any weapon.

Not very strong, not particularly dexterous, Chuians' true strength lies in their amazing luck and ability to charm the brains out of those around them. They are also quite intelligent. Neutral in alignment, they are resistant to electricity for unknown reasons but easily injured by large blunt objects.

They gain XP at a slightly elevated rate (110%). They can be Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Gaki and Druids.

What is an Inhuman? This question has plagued scholars of Sabrous ever since the peculiar race came into existence. What constitutes as an Inhuman? What do they really look like? There is no simple answer. The shortest explanation is that an Inhuman is more or less Human in appearance, with some distinctly animal additions. Conventionally they tower over most other races, but are amazingly skinny. An Inhuman can look like anything from a mostly-normal human with cat-slit pupils to a draconic being with a human face.

Somewhat strong, somewhat resilient, but not at all pretty- that's an Inhuman for you. Neutral in alignment, they are naturally able to see living things at night and for some reason seem to resist cold attacks. When this is inquired about, most Inhumans seem to instinctively grow uncomfortable without any clear reason. Due to their large size and peculiar builds, however, Inhumans are frequently hungry and thirsty.

Inhumans gain XP at a slightly elevated (104%) rate. They can be Mages, Clerics, Warriors, Augurers and Paladins.

The small, technologically-affinitive nomads of the central lands! Often jokingly called donkeys, Myches resemble a cross between a small horse and a lizard with exceptionally large ears and a fairly thick coat of fur. It is the norm for a Myche to be erratically coloured and marked, and those with more normal fur colourings (such as brown, black, silver...etc) are as rare in Myches as albinos are in other races. Living in an ever-moving tent-town, Myches are easy to spot at a distance due to their colouration.

While not all that strong and certainly not that resilient, the mechanic-loving race is exceptionally dexterous and fairly intelligent. As their patron God is devoted to the Earth, they too are neutral in alignment. While they naturally resist slashing weapons due to their thick fur, and seem to have the ability to not only detect but arm themselves against magic, other attacks hurt quite a bit.

Myches gain XP at a slightly elevated rate (103%). They can be Mages, Clerics, Warriors, Druids and Rangers.

Hailing from the mountain peaks of the central lands, Nikitaks call the town of Norra home. Hex-limbed (six limbs) and slightly mustiliod in appearance, they are covered in a thick white fur coat. They have two large antenna above their heads in the place of ears, and seem to be perpetually in a good mood. The middle set of limbs can be used as either feet or hands, but around most other races Nikitaks walk on 4 legs rather than 2 to stay at eye-level with their companions. Almost all Nikitaks are white, though the white can have slight tinting variations. Markings are very rare, but can happen. EXTREMELY rarely, a black Nikitak is born. As an arctic race, this is extremely recessive .

Naturally dexterous due to their extra set of limbs, Nikitaks are not however very resilient, taking a long time to recover. Nor are they particularly intelligent- most of their prowess is in manufacturing simple armors and weapons, not researching the workings of the world. Obviously resistant to cold, they are naturally able to detect magic. Their long bodies are suceptable to sharp weapons. They are nuetrally aligned.

Nikitaks gain XP at a slightly elevated rate (109%). They can be Thieves, Warriors, Rangers, Paladins or Spies.

The original wicked race, Razordemons were created in the image of the Moon's servent, the god Preed. Rather than worship the Moon, they attempted to follow Preed himself- and found themselves abandoned. Extremely saurian in appearance, they walk on double-bent legs and sport sharp claws. Their noses and heads are adorned with fin-like flaps of skin which they can open and close to an extent. Along their spines stand a series of fan-like rills which can be raised or lowered as the Razordemon sees fit. Their canine teeth are long sabres. Normally grey or a dusky blue in scale colour, a few may vary from this.

While extremely strong and exceptionally resiliant with moderate intelligence, Razordemons find it extremely hard to lift and handle things with their hard sharp claws- they are not dexterious. Nor are they particularly good looking. Carnivorious and vicious, they are evil and get hungry a bit faster than normal. However, they naturally are capable of seeing all invisable objects and are resistant to both blunted attacks and posion. Because their God abandoned them, however, they suffer to magic attacks.

They gain rate at a very slightly elevated (101%) rate. They can be Mages, Warriors, Gaki , Rangers and Augurers.

An amphibious race from the central lands, Lizardmen are usually found living in or around rivers and lakes. While they have a humanoid build, including five fingers and five toes, they have a rather reptilian look to them and short muzzles as well as tails. They have no hair, and are covered in scales. Frequently green, though the colours can vary, Lizardmen are not exactly gorgeous creatures.

They can, however, breathe water. Because they tend to enjoy live meat from time to time, they are mildly evil. Their strength and constitution are admirable, although they suffer slightly in other stats. Aquatic and thus frequently thirsty, they do best spending time around water. Because of their scales as well, they are naturally resistant to slashing attacks.

Lizardmen gain XP at a slightly increased rate (103%). They can be Thieves, Warriors, Rangers, Augurers and Spies.

Aviatic, mysterious, hairless and mammalian- Cyphers dwell deep within forests and seldom emerge. With large wedge-shaped heads and large black eyes devoid of an iris or pupil, Cyphers are frequently thought of as a harbinger of bad luck. The truth is, they are no more lucky or unlucky than any other race. With their double-jointed legs and massive wing membranes, they are self concious about their appearances and rarely if ever openly show themselves in towns. Their skin is mottled with spots, but is usually a dark colouration capable of hiding them in their forested habitats.

Naturally able to fly, Cyphers are not exactly resiliant creatures due to their hollow bone structure. On the other hand, they are exceptionally intelligent and frequently spend time contemplating important aspects of being. They also fail to get thirsty as quickly as others. They take very slight penalties to strength, luck and charisma...but this is offset by other factors.

Cyphers gain XP at an elevated rate (125%). They are capable of being Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Gaki, Druids, Monks and Spies.

A winged and heavily feathered race hailing from the northlands, Muti have only recently allowed themselves to be in normal contact with other races. Spending time primarily in the air, Muti wings are attached to their arms. These feathered wings are often brightly coloured, but it is no more normal or abnormal than having blonde hair. They have 3 simian fingers on the elbow joint of their wings, and their legs which are otherwise humanoid have three large jointed toes. Their faces are humanoid, and there is no visable difference between males and females.

While capable of flight naturally, Muti do not gain many bonuses. They are slightly charismatic, their plumage attractive to most races. They are of nuetral alignment, but their frail bones cause them to take a penalty to recovery. They are fairly intelligent. Their waifish bodies are especially sucueptable to piercing attacks, as they are prone to striking and ruining the wings of a Muti.

Muti gain XP at the normal rate (100%). They are capable of being Mages, clerics, Warriors, Druids, Rangers, Monks and Augurers.

Amph are massive, hairless mammalians with a humanoid build which hail from the northlands. Mostly humanoid in appearance, they dwarf any other species in their muscled build. While they are hairless, their rough skin is often marked with spots around the head, shoulder, and along the spine. Usually a dusky brown colour, several others are sometimes seen. Their noses are upturned, giving them an almost pug-like face. In truth, Amph are very friendly. It is almost impossible to tell males from females.

Amph are impressively strong. They recover from wounds quickly, and are mildly dexterious. They are not very smart, however, or particularly good looking. They are VERY VERY SLIGHTLY evil, primarily from their love of using their brawn to get their way. They have the natural ability, however, to sense evil around them and are obviously resistant to any kind of blunted attack. Magic is their weak point.

Amph gain XP at a slightly increased rate (103%). They can be Thieves, Warriors, Augurers or Paladins.

Unlike the Gith of legend, while the Gith of Sabrous have a slight magical affinity and are slightly homely (most likely resulting in their legendary name) there is no truth to the rumors that they have access to or are able to inhabit a higher astral plane. Humanoid but elderly looking, Gith are angular and have several ridges in their grey skin that set them apart from humans. Their ears are bat-winged, and are the one feature that set them far apart from humans.

Gith are overall quite normal and moderate. Not especially strong or attractive, they are very slightly above average in intelligence when compared to humans. Naturally capable of detecting magic and naturally resistant to its effects, they are nuetrally aligned.

Gith gain XP at the normal rate (100%). They can be Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Warriors, Druids or Paladins.