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Connect to Sabrous
Come Play!
mud.wolfwings.us port 4000, 4001, 4010 or 4020
(all of these lead to the same game, with the same people online)

Click Here to Play from your Browser! :D
If you are experiencing
connection difficulties, check the
forums first!

If you'd rather not play via your browser, you can connect via a few other methods!

Telnet connects via an old school program on most computers. Problems with it are you can't see what you're typing and there is no colour support. However, serious old schoolers may feel more at home with telnet. :3 click the 'telnet' link to start it

ZhiMUD. ZhiMUD is a MUD client written almost exclusively for Sabrous. It mimics Gmud in some aspects but is more stable over all. Includes a function which tells you when logging is turned on, and which logging that actually is as well as a text line limit warning. To connect via ZhiMUD, click the green circle at the top left, ADD NEW, and input name: Sabrous, host: mud.wolfwings.us, port: 4000

Download Gmud. Gmud is a program (fairly small) that keeps all things in ordered mania. You can see colour in gmud as well as what you type BEFORE you send it. It's very convenient. To connect in Gmud, simply click that link to download it and then start it up. Select 'sabrous' from the menu and 'connect'

Download Cantrip. Cantrip is like Gmud, which means it is a program that connects to MUDs. it is for Macintosh operating systems. To connect to Sabrous through gmud connect to mud.wolfwings.us port 4000.

True blue newbies visit the newbie page for a series of helpful commands and a walkthrough of the set-up progress.

BE AWARE! You are expected to uphold the RULES of Sabrous if you play! Connecting means you agree to abide by these rules and are aware of the actions which may be taken if you break them!