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Classes of Sabrous
Classes of Sabrous
Mage | Cleric | Thief | Warrior | Gaki | Druid | Ranger | Augurer | Paladin | Spy | Monk

Mage skill list.txt
A mage is one of the weakest classes when it comes to body, but the mage is a being of pure magic. Their minds are by far the sharpest, retaining the knowledge of some of the worlds most powerful spells. When one begins as a mage the body is weak. As they grow in knowledge, experience and power. They will become a powerful fighting force. Armed with an arsenal of various spells, with the main focus in combat spells. Their vast repertoire of spells makes them a sought after commodity in the Realms for their spells can mean victory or defeat for others. A mage must constantly study their spells for they are quickly forgotten, ruled by the three moons, the silver moon of good, the red moon of neutrality and the fabled black moon of evil. A mage has a choice of either using their powers for good or for evil.

Cleric skill list.txt
A cleric is a mighty healer and protector of the weak. Led with a mission to heal and teach, Clerics have many varied and sundry healing spells at their command. While clerics possess some combat spells and magic to affect one's chances in battle, their main goal is self preservation. They accelerate in wisdom and knowledge as they gain in level and experience. The wisdom of the cleric in the ways of magic and the art of healing, make them a desirable asset for any group.

Thief skill list.txt
The thief is a dark character which makes use of many skills often deemed improper by the rest of society. Known to haunt the darkest roads and alleys. The skills of the thief reflect his way of life, be it sneaking, peeking into others' inventories, picking locks, or attacking from behind with deadly backstabs. With amazing dexterity they have the ability to circle around an enemy, but for living such a dark life, thieves have always had a bad reputation so don't be surprised if you are always under suspicion. Thieves start off fairly weak, but as they gain skills such as backstab and circle they soon become dangerous foes. A thief is always useful when there is a lock that needs pried, or an item that one wishes to acquire without detection.

Warrior skill list.txt
Warriors are the epitome of fighters, able to use all weaponry and armour in the exercise of their most lethal of combat skills. A warrior must be strong in body to survive his dangerous lifestyle, and though he has no magic and limited skills he is nevertheless a formidable force with which to be reckoned. Warriors learn no magic, and have no use for mana.

Gaki skill list.txt
The Gaki is a powerful magical being which feeds upon the powers and lives of those around them. Strongest at night, they spend most of their time in their natural state- a formless cloud- and are known for life-draining attacks upon their enemies. They are generally thought of as wanderers.
Gaki are strongest in dexterity, using their shapeshifting ability to nimbly escape harm. They tend to be slightly more powerful than thieves, capable of casting an array of harmful magics which draw their power from living beings. Gaki commonly use blood to enhance their magic. When going into battle, it is best for the Gaki to attempt to gain the element of surprise.

Druid skill list.txt
The druid is a lover and protector of the natural land. Be it the forests full of centaurs and deer, the streams full of fish, or the bug-infested swamps, a druid always strives to protect and preserve nature. Wielding mighty spells from the gods themselves, druids strive hard at their work.
Strong in wisdom, with a body trained to near perfection by their rugged lifestyle, a druid has many disciplines upon which to draw. From powerful spells of healing which can bring the near dead back to full vigor, to the ability to mystically create water and food, to the awesome power of nature which they command in battle via spells able to quake the land and split the sky, druids demonstrate that mastery of magic is not just a hobby, but a way of life for them. Able to face many warriors on almost even footing, and able to shield themselves nearly as well as some mages, druids are truly a gifted class.

Ranger skill list.txt
A ranger is the outdoorsman and adventuresome free spirit of the times. A self-sufficient person, the ranger is adaptable and can survive in almost any locale. Skilled with weapons and able to utilize some of the finest armor available, a ranger is physically skilled enough to take on most any foe. However, for especially hardy opponents, a ranger also can cast many useful spells to both hinder his opponent and aid himself. From minor curative magics to blinding his enemy, the ranger is the most adept class at surviving on its own. A ranger typically travels light, but he does have the mighty strength of a warrior to carry equipment needed in his travels. Like the druid (the class other than warrior that he most closely resembles), his need for help from outside sources is low.

Augurer skill list.txt
The Augurer is very strong-minded in its nature, both physically and magically. It is very confident of its actions in combat, and this confidence shows in its physical appearance. The Augurer is of a medium height, with a defined bone structure which shows both intelligence and assurance. Its appearance is wizened, but at times the Augurer may look frail due to exhaustion. Though it is of a medium size, its physical strength is not. The Augurer relies on both brain and brawn to overcome its challengers. When it is confronted, its wisdom decides what course of action it should take, and wisdom is its prime stat.
While in combat, the Augurer is capable of utilizing both spells and skills to their greatest potential. However, because of the Augurer's size, it tires of magic easily. To overcome this mental exhaustion, the Augurer is a strong believer in the use of mana for rejuvenation of its magical powers, and uses a lot of it. In its spare time, the Augurer enjoys the local lore, both the teaching and learning of it, as well as musical and theatrical pursuits. The Augurer is a very independent person, and spends much of its spare time in meditation, reflecting upon the days activities.

Paladin skill list.txt
Paladins are warrior priests who draw their power from acts of righteousness and strict adherence to the Code of god of the Sun. Their strength in battle, combined with the ability to perform limited miracles is offset by the difficulty they experience in perfecting their craft, and the penalties they suffer when they stray from the path of good.

Spy skill list.txt
A spy is a clever and treacherous class. Nearly as good as a thief at sneaking and hiding, nearly as good as a Gaki at confusing and muddling the minds of those around them, the spy finds a balance between these two which enable it to rapidly and smoothly either obtain information or eavesdrop on those around them without their presence becoming known. Spy magic is primarily focused on evasion and illusion, and so a spy must also rely on sneaking attacks to stand firm in battle.
Spies first and foremost are dexterous, as they are encouraged to use what is easily at their disposal before relying on magic. Secondarily, however, they find themselves high in intelligence. The spy by this alone is the sneak- never the one to outright begin a fight in the open, they must get the drop on their enemies to effectively turn a battle in their favour.

Monk skill list.txt
To be a true monk, one must spend the majority of their time on foot, out and about in the world seeking enlightenment. To each monk, this comes in its own way, but that is their primary purpose. They spend the majority of their time deep in concentration and meditation. While not exactly a class capable of great feats of strength in attack, the Monk is able to defend himself to a degree hitherto unseen in Sabrous.
As they seek wisdom, it is this which a monk should be most proficient in. However, from their studies and meditations, monks are also exceptionally dexterous. They also find themselves resistant to several forms of basic attack. A monk should never rely on spells to fell his enemy, but instead relies upon his stamina to outlast a foe in battle. Monks are fully capable of facing off against the most powerful warrior and having a chance of survival. The tradeoff, of course, is that they find it difficult to cause any damage on their own- a monk, after all, seeks to understand creation and not destruction.