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About Sabrous

What is Sabrous?

Long, Long ago, the Earth gave birth to a child. This child was Sabrous, a world much younger than its mother but much like it. Earth, however, had never had a child before and could not govern it alone. Thus, Earth created the Moon and Sun (Evil and Good) to guide her child. What none of the three deities expected, however, was that Sabrous should have its own children -Myches, Humans, Nikitaks, Lizardmen, Cyphers and the others. Seeing there was much more work to be done with Sabrous than they had the time or the ability to handle, the deities began creating gods to delegate their duties to. These gods roam Sabrous amidst the mortals, working to ensure balance- though, not always peace.

Yeah, right, but really....What IS Sabrous?

Sabrous is a fantasy text-based role-playing game. It runs on an automated system that does things such as calculate how hard you've hit an enemy, how hard the enemy is hitting you back, and how long your spells are going to last. Essentially, its brains are that of the oldest MMORPGs. You create a character and play online with others to level and gather items. As it takes place in a sort of parallel universe, you also play to uncover the mysteries of just what happened TO Sabrous to make it the world of today. What you read above is only the version the priests teach.

Based in SMAUG code, Sabrous originally was in SMAUGwiz and was playable on and off as far back as 2001. Formerly hosted on athertonia.org, Sabrous experienced some downtime in the fall of 2006 but came back in the spring of 2007 on a new server. It has always had a very similar feel to it- that being a semi-fantasy semi-scifi world with a dash of post apocalyptic taste to it. Several of the races which are playable in Sabrous are from the webcomic Inhuman (Nikitaks, Chuians and Myches) but the stories of Sabrous and Inhuman are not inter-related and should not be confused. Like I said- think of it as a parallel universe. Layrith were created by Erin Garcia and used with her permission.

Sabrous is PG-13 rated (although the F-word gets flung in casual conversation) and run exclusively by volunteers. Sabrous does not accept applications for immortals at this time.

I still don't get what Sabrous is!

Then come on in and see for yourself!