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Welcome to the Sabrous MUD...

A strangely familiar world is before you to explore. Vast mountains, spanning deserts and seemingly endless oceans are just awaiting an adventurer such as yourself. Perhaps you serve the God Sun, devoted to good and cleansing the land of danger and death. Perhaps you are devoted to the Moon, intent on spreading havoc and evil in every form. Or maybe you're a derived of Earth, and merely want to live a peaceful life. It's up to you how you live in these lands, and up to you if you become famous...or infamous.

Sabrous is a fantasy sci-fi based SMAUG MUD that features entirely original areas and over ten original races, as well as original classes. Sabrous is not a rampant P-Killing MUD, nor is it a forced roleplaying MUD. As long as you treat the other players and Immortals with respect, you play as you would like. If you like post-apocalyptic worlds, you belong here. With an over-arcing storyline which begs to reveal the true origins of the world, Sabrous has many different pieces of the puzzle which are found as you progress in levels. Stop in, stay a while, and become a Sabrousian!

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SMAUG code is (c) Thoric. All cameo characters within Sabrous used with their creators' permission,
or purely in innocent nods to their places of origin. All areas are (c) their respective builders.