Links and Thanks
Special Thanks to...

Neglected Pokémon Lovers Unite + for writing THE ONLY POKéMON FICS I EVER LOVED.

Sunyshore + for being my Japan best pokémon buddy <3

The Twisted Spoon + for being a spectacular resource for all mewtwo merch!

The Mewtwo Codex + another great mewtwo merch resource, if a bit of a lucario hater

PKMNcollectors @ livejournal + for helping me find some of the rarest mewtwo plush out there!

Mewheart + for making the best pokémon site graphics. + for having the complete pokédex right there.

Bulbapedia + for being THE pokémon wiki.

Donphan.Social + for being the pokemon centered microblogging platform I adore

Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company for just existing.

.....And to YOU! Thanks for stopping by!

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